Tired of bucket truck pain?

Introducing the
Breathe-Easy Lease.

What’s in it for you?

Peace of Mind

  • New truck reliability
  • Extended warranty on chassis and lift for the life of the lease
  • Option to turn-in or buy-out at the end of the lease


  • Surprisingly low monthly payments (see examples below)
  • No initial deposit (with qualifying credit)


  • 500 cubic feet of organized storage for one-and-done service calls
  • A package of time-saving accessories for sign and lighting work
  • Emission-free operation, saving fuel and helping the environment
  • Ability to work from a single parking space with no outriggers
Term*Monthly PaymentAnnual MileageBuy-Out Option
36 Months$1,89020,000$55,000
48 Months$1,75020,000$45,000
60 Months$1,64020,000$35,000

*Assumes qualifying credit. Does not include sales tax, vehicle licensing, or doc fees. The above estimates are based on a Ford E450 work-ready package ($105,213), plus extended warranties on the chassis and lift, plus estimated delivery.
Call your Van Ladder representative for a customized quote.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I drive the truck more than 20,000 miles per year?

At the end of the lease, you will have the option of purchasing the vehicle or turning it in. If you decide to turn it in, you will be charged $.50 for each mile over your allotment. For example, if you had the five-year lease, your allotment would be 100,000 miles (20,000 miles x 5 years = 100,000). So if you had 106,000 miles on the truck at the end of the lease, you would be charged an additional $3,000—if you decided to turn it in.

If I decide to keep the truck at the end of my lease, how much will I have to pay for it?

• 3 year lease (60,000 miles) = $55,000 purchase price
• 4 year lease (80,000 miles) = $45,000 purchase price
• 5 year lease (100,000 miles = $35,000 purchase price

What if the truck is in an accident or is stolen?

You will be responsible to insure the truck for physical damage (comp and collision) on your commercial auto policy (required by leasing company).

How long does it take to get my truck once the paperwork is complete?

Waiting times can vary, but we try to keep a few work-ready packages in stock, so we can send your truck down the road as soon as the leasing company give us the okay.

How does the extended warranty work?

The chassis will be covered by Ford’s Premium Care Extended Service Plan. You can check out this plan at: https://fordprotect.ford.com/premiumcare. The Van Ladder aerial lift is covered by Brink’s Manufacturing by extending the parts and labor warranty to match the life of your Breathe-Easy lease. Please note: There is no extended warranty on the Rockport box.

What accessories will I be getting?

The Breathe-Easy package comes with the following accessories ($5,458 value):

  • Chariot Bucket with rotating fork system, material handling platform, pattern arms, Sign-face bar, and lifting eye
  • Cargo netting in box—both sides
  • Back-up camera
  • 110V AC bucket power outlet (does not include power source)
  • Overnight charger for battery bank
  • Light bulb holder
  • Bucket work tray
  • Fly ladder LED/Tool Bag Holder (includes tool bag)
  • Banner spindle

If you’d like different accessories, no problem. We’ll provide you with a $5,458 budget for included accessories, and additional accessories can be purchased. However, when the accessory total exceeds $5,458, your monthly payment will increase accordingly. You can explore our accessories at: https://www.vanladder.com/accessories/

Do you have a Breathe-Easy lease option for people who drive more than 20,000 miles per year, or significantly less than 20,000 miles per year?

Yes. We can customize the Breathe-Easy lease to your company. Obviously, monthly payments will vary based on your average annual miles.

How is sales tax and licensing handled?

The calculations in the above table do not include sales tax or licensing. However, our leasing company is willing to include those costs in the lease, which would be reflected in a slightly higher monthly payment.

How do I apply for the Breathe-Easy lease?

The link below will lead you to the Breathe-Easy lease application. Once you submit the lease application, the leasing company will check your credit and may call you for more information. The approval process generally takes a couple days.